Jessica: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship First-prize winner 2022

Image: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship First-prize winner 2022 Jessica in front of Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic.

This year the CIDD gave out a total of five scholarships to exceptional double degree students and Jessica Wolkenhauer received the first prize. She completed her double degree at Management Center Innsbruck, Austria (home university) and Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic (host university).

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Jessica Wolkenhauer, and I am a 32-year young student from Germany. Before I started my master’s in 2020 in Innsbruck, I trained as a certified physiotherapist and got a bachelor’s in early childhood education in Germany. Because I enjoy working in an international context, I chose the master’s in International Health and Social Management, which enabled me to scientifically integrate the practical experiences from my previous professions in the social and health sector at the business- and/ or management level. Next to my study-work life, I am passionate about female empowerment and investing, enjoying to exploring new places and cultures, meeting friends, and enjoying intercultural exchange and activities in my leisure time.

What motivated you to apply for the CIDD Double Degree Scholarship?
“Paths are made by walking” is a quote that was attached to a teabag at one point and has served as motivation for my master’s ever since. Throughout my educational career, I have always been hardworking, motivated, and determined. Because I am motivated to evolve and work diligently, and with passion to achieve my career objective of becoming a female leader and advancing female leadership skills and gender equality, I applied for the double degree scholarship. The scholarship not only supported me financially in conducting research for my master’s thesis on female empowerment and financial literacy in the Netherlands, but also brought awareness to the topics I am passionate about.

Could you tell us about your double degree experience?
Overall, the double degree has significantly enabled me to expand my existing knowledge from the field of social and health care to the desired area of international business and crosscultural leadership. Due to extensive group work among 17 different nationalities, I have improved my intercultural communication skills, empathy, and collaborative teamwork skills. Moreover, the extracurricular participation in mentoring programs of the MCI and VŠE facilitated my personal and career development. The networking activities encouraged me to develop professional contacts and build international business networks.

How would you describe your double degree experience in three words?