Laura: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship Second-prize winner 2022

Image: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship Second-prize winner 2022 Laura in front of KEDGE Business School, France

This year the CIDD gave out a total of five scholarships to exceptional double degree students and Laura Dauginovica received the second prize. She completed her double degree at RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, Latvia (home university) and KEDGE Business School, France (host university).

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Laura Dauginoviča, I am 22 years old born and raised Latvian girl from a very small yet beautiful city Auce, which is located in southern Latvia. Currently I am working in a company as an administrator in the office in parallel to my full time Bachelor’s studies at RISEBA university. In the future I envision myself as a great leader in an international company. For now, I don’t think that I will establish my own business, but who knows, only time will show. Maybe someday I will have an excellent business idea…

What motivated you to apply for the CIDD Double Degree Scholarship?
What motivated me to apply for the CIDD Double Degree Scholarship is that I saw it as an opportunity to show and talk about my Double Degree experience to others. I wanted to encourage others with my story, to
not be afraid to say yes to it.

Could you tell us about your double degree experience?
I want to be honest, my double degree experience consists of ups and downs, but nevertheless, everything was worth it, and the good things definitely outweigh the challenges. It was the first time ever I had been away from my family, from Latvia for so long and on my own. It was very challenging, stressful, lonely and I was very “homesick”. However, it wasn’t for long, I got through it. Over time I got used to France, the culture, the new home and people around. I got new friends whom I spent a lot of time with as we were in the same situation – away from our families. The biggest benefit I see from completing a double degree program is, of course, the possibility to experience studies in a different school, live in a different country, explore its culture and cities for a whole year. In addition, when I graduate next year, I will receive a diploma from KEDGE business school. I think that it will be one of my greatest days in life. Double degree program is a challenge, yet it is beautiful and refreshing that it makes you look and experience things differently.

How would you describe your double degree experience in three words?
A lifechanging experience.

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