Van: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship First-prize winner 2021

CIDD Double Degree Scholarship First-prize winner 2021, Thi Thuy Van Nguyen

This year the CIDD gave out a total of five scholarships to exceptional double degree students and Thy Thi Van received first prize. She is completing her double degree at LAB UAS in Finland (home university) and Wurzburg-Schweinfurt UAS in Germany (host university). To know more about Thy Thi Van´s double degree experience, read her story below and don’t forget to watch her double degree video as well.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I come from the Binh Duong province, Vietnam. My first international experience was me coming to Finland as a degree student where I had studied for two years and after that I had chosen Germany as my destination for the double degree program. I speak Vietnamese as my mother language, Thai, English and I´m currently studying German. As of now I’m finishing my Bachelor of International Business and after that of course will try my best to get as much work experience as possible. As my hobbies I enjoy studying new languages which helps me a lot with gaining knowledge of different cultures I come into contact with. Moreover, I quite enjoy travelling, reading books and watching movies!

What motivated you to apply for the CIDD Double Degree Scholarship?

I was motivated to apply for CIDD because I really wanted to share my experience with other students across the globe especially during the current pandemic, I know that many students during this time are afraid of going abroad for study so I just wanted to reignite it.

Could you tell us about your double degree experience?

I had wanted to study abroad for quite a long time and Finland was my first choice country due to its nature and education quality. To put it shortly, I was not disappointed: Finland had given me many pleasant memories starting from getting quite a few international friends to travelling around the Scandinavia. After two years I had an option to choose between either tacking an internship for three months or going for a full year to another university. I thought that three months is not enough to experience a different culture so I took upon myself to go for a full year even during this pandemic. So, a year from that decision now I’m feeling quite confident in myself. I wasn’t able to find more friends here sadly, but well, the pandemic still took its toll on the social aspect of life. As for what was hard during my study abroad, I could say definitely that the culture adaptation is always the hardest part.

How would you describe your double degree experience in three words?

Best Life Experience

Click to see Thy Thi Van´s double degree video