Edgardo: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship Second-prize winner 2021

Image: CIDD Double Degree Scholarship Second-prize winner 2021 Edgardo with his friends.

This year the CIDD gave out a total of five scholarships to exceptional double degree students and Edgardo received the second prize. He is completing his double degree at Università degli Studi dell’Aquila in Italy (home university) and at Karlstads Universitet in Sweden (host university) To know more about Edgardo´s double degree experience, read his story below and don’t forget to watch his double degree video as well.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am from El Salvador. I also have lived in Mexico and thanks to the double degree program I also experienced living in Italy and Sweden. While working, I have been in China, Colombia, USA and Germany. I speak Spanish as my mother tongue. I learned English before the program. During the program I became fluent in Italian and learned the basics of Swedish. At the moment, I am working as an academic writer for an University back in my country. The next step on my career is to study a PhD. I spend my free time reading books, reading scientific news, learning cooking skills, scuba diving and hiking.

What motivated you to apply for the CIDD Double Degree Scholarship?

My main motivations were to explore two different study paths, and the experience of living in different European countries. Other motivations were to meet new people, and learn the ways of other cultures.

Could you tell us about your double degree experience?

Improving my language skills is one of the most valuable assets acquired during the double degree. Also the different perspectives of my universities how to address teaching. Academically I also appreciate the research skills I developed. I would like to remark that I never felt alone during this journey, I met amazing people. As good things came, also some others that were not so good. Something I remember is how tiring it was to deal with the new language and the study topics in English at the same time during the first three months. Also, it took me while to get use to new diet. In a more social side, sometimes I experienced language barriers with other students.

Do you recommend others to complete a double degree program?

I fully recommend the experience of studying a double degree program. Besides the ups and downs, the fact of having a double degree after your studies may be game changer in your curriculum.

How would you describe your double degree experience in three words?

Challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.

Click to see Edgardo´s double degree video