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Jana Blštáková, vice-dean for international relations, has done marvelous work for CIDD and is a pillar of strength in the CIDD board. Last year the University of Economics in Bratislava hosted the CIDD’s General Assembly and most of our members got the chance to see the university and the great city of Bratislava. Jana has provided us with a little recap of their current status with double degrees.

What kind of double degree programmes and specialisations do you offer?

The whole university operates 7 master programs and 2 bachelor programs in English and 12 double degree programmes. The aim of the university is to offer options for students covering all of the fields in Economics. At the moment it is developed for Finance, Management and Economic Diplomacy.

How many double degree students do your receive and send each year?

Our cooperation is active with UK, Prague and Strasbourg, we issue 3-5 double degrees and our students receive 10-15 double degrees every year.

What are the top benefits of double degrees in general and completing it in your university?

Students build quality networks abroad, improve their CV significantly by having two diplomas and the quality of relationships with the Double Degree partners is more intensive.

Students already find Erasmus mobility experience as a must in their CVs. They are looking for more options and appreciate innovations in internationalisation of their studies. We do double degree programmes with few students only to make sure they have the best support to finish. Our approach is highly individual and this makes it attractive for them.

Can you specify what type of new partners you are looking for?

We intend to be highly global. We offer double degrees in Asia, EU and non-EU countries. There is still other continents to include into our portfolio. Currently, we are interested in partners from USA, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa.

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How do you perceive the future of double degrees?

We intend to spread the network of our double degree programmes worldwide, so that students can get a truly international diploma. The Erasmus+ covers Europe, the double degree programmes have the potential to cover the globe.

Want to know more?

Check out their website or get in touch with Jana Blštáková, vice-dean for international relations, University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Business Management, jana.blstakova@euba.sk, +421 903 774 607