Introducing Karlstad University – host of the next CIDD General Assembly


Karlstad University profile

In 2020, the General Assembly for CIDD will be held in Karlstad University in Karlstad, Sweden. To help our members learn more about Karlstad University, we asked Candida MacKenzie some questions about the university and its double degrees programs. Candida is an International Coordinator at Karlstad University and will help organize the general assembly, which will take place on June 8 through 10.

What are the top benefits that your institution brings to Double Degree programmes?

At Karlstad Business School our mission is to educate responsible professionals and conduct research with high societal impact. In line with our mission we have signed up to PRME, which supports responsible management in education – by joining our programmes students will receive an education with a focus on sustainability. Students are invited to KBS’ annual Sustainability Day where students, academicians and industry representatives come together and discuss activities in this field.

Our motto is “Knowledge is worth nothing without the ability to use it” – each programme within KBS not only provides students with the theory upon which to build their knowledge, but it will also allow students the opportunity to critically reflect upon those theories and apply them to a real-world context. Due to KBS’ connection to the business community, students will also have the opportunity to connect with industry throughout their education via guest lectures from industry, business breakfast with companies or applying course work to real-life case studies during their courses.

Karlstad University Campus

What are the top benefits you get from your Double Degree cooperation?

Karlstad University and our students thrive upon international connections during their studies, either through their own studies abroad or via Internationalization at home, by the meeting domestic and international students on campus. Receiving Double Degree students in courses at Karlstad not only broadens the diversity of our student cohort, but it brings different outlooks and perspectives to students on campus who may not have an opportunity to travel abroad. International students enrich the campus, content of studies and the broader community of Karlstad.

How do you perceive the future of Double Degrees?

Sustainability – both for programmes and practical aspects – double degree students on master level programmes contribute to their continuation; students who travel (within Europe) for up to a year rather than a few weeks will be able to travel by different modes of transport than planes. Digitalization will enable more collaboration between students and institutions and could open up opportunities for students who do not have the opportunity to travel.

Want to know more?

Check out their website or get in touch with International Coordinator: Candida MacKenzie ( or Lecturer: Olle Sonesson (