Online Workshops: Strengthening Higher Education’s Societal Impact & Authentic Leadership

The CIDD organized two online workshops in February 2023.

Strengthening Higher Education’s Societal Impact: Balancing the Global with the Local in Business Education.

Colleges and universities are being asked to rethink what they do. What is the public value that we bring to citizens and their communities – at home and internationally? What is the role of business schools in response to societal global challenges – and especially to the UN SDGs? Are they sufficiently focused on these issues and responsibilities as leaders, administrators, teachers and scholars? This webinar will set the stage for a discussion of universities’ civic mission at home and internationally, and how civic engagement can be central to a business school’s vision and mission and inform its strategies, actions and relationships.

Speaker: Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, Joint Managing Partner, BH Associates. Professor Emeritus, Technological University Dublin, and Joint Editor, Policy Reviews in Higher Education.

Authentic Leadership: Unlock the Power of a Diverse Team.

This workshop will teach you ways you and everyone on your team can create a culture of excellence. Imagine a team where everyone believed in their ability to make a difference because of their unique experiences and identities. A team where everyone acts on that belief is a team that creates success for its stakeholders. Authentic leadership is a skill that requires us to be humble, courageous and vulnerable. These skills can be learned, honed, and constantly improved. In this session, you can expect to walk away with tangible tools and exercises for these skills that you and the rest of your team can utilize to create a culture of leadership and unlock the power of a diverse team.

Speaker: Nick DeStefano, Service Excellence Manager for McLeod Health and a Leadership & Resilience Speaker.