Nicole – CIDD Double Degree Scholarship First-prize Winner 2020

This year the CIDD gave out a total of five scholarships to exceptional double degree students and Nicole received first prize. Nicole is completing her double degree in University of Economics, Prague (home university) and in Mainz University of Applied Science (receiving university).

To learn more about Nicole’s double degree experience, read what she has to say below and don’t forget to watch her video.

Nicole’s international background

I am from Germany, but I have also lived in Ecuador while doing volunteer work, in Colombia for an exchange semester and I have done short exchanges in Netherlands, England, France and Denmark. I speak German as my mother tongue. I am fluent in English and Spanish, advanced in French and I know the basics in Polish and Czech.

Can you tell us a bit about your Double Degree experience?

My time as a double degree student in Prague was very enriching, both in terms of what the university has to offer and in terms of the hustle and bustle of the Czech capital. All students of the master’s program of International Business had the chance to visit the Czech Senate, we designed a marketing communication strategy for the well-known beer producer “Pilsner Urquell” and set up our own food startup. With my fellow students from all over the world we explored all facets of the – not for nothing called – golden city and got to know the picturesque streets of the old town, the numerous green oases and insider tips such as the Dogsbar or the Vyšehrad fortress.

Nicole-CIDD Double Degree Scholarship winner-enjoying the city of Prague with friends.

The city has obviously cast a spell on me, and I am really very happy about all the adventures, friendships and even about our lousy attempts to learn Czech. So, I can say with full conviction: Přijte do Prahy! – Come to Prague!

What are some of the ups and downs of your double degree experience?

Having two different university degrees allowed me to broaden my skills and expertise in international business, especially by getting insight into business practices in Central and Eastern Europe. Staying one year in a country rather than 6 months (like it is in a normal exchange semester) allowed me to really get to know the culture, mentality and behavior of Czechs. Further, I had more time to build new, deeper friendships with people from all over the world. Moreover, Prague is a very beautiful city with many students. It offers many different free-time and cultural activities. It was also very fruitful to explore the Czech language.

I was first shocked to find that my room in the dormitories was not a single room, but I became friends with my Russian roommate. I find that the language barrier made it difficult to really bond with locals, even though most of the people do speak English. Also, there was not so much flexibility when selecting the courses and quality differed.

Nicole’s Double Degree experience
in three words:
“Enriching “

Do you recommend others to complete a Double Degree ?

I would definitely recommend it, because as a student you have more time to enjoy the country and its people as well as the studies. It is very nice to learn a new language and have the option to chose courses according to your preferences.

What motivated you to apply for the CIDD Double Degree Scholarship?

It was fun to create a video about my experiences, because it made me reflect upon the time in Prague. I believe it is enriching to share experiences and motivate people to do a Double Degree. The financial support allowed me to fully concentrate on my studies and enjoy the country to the most.

What is in line for you next? What plans do you have?

I am currently writing my Master thesis in cooperation with SAP, Czech Republic about the implementation of a CSR initiative to promote social procurement practices into the company’s supply chain. I am expecting to finish my studies in February 2021. After that I hope to find a job in an international company or NGO and work in the fields of CSR/ sustainability.