Double Degree across the Atlantic

In the fall of 2016, three business students from ESCE in Paris, France journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean to study for a year at Coastal Carolina University, which is located in the United States in Conway, South Carolina. The three students were participating in a double degree program that allows them to receive an undergraduate degree from CCU and a master degree from ESCE without studying for longer than they normally would. ESCE and CCU are both members of the Consortium of International Double Degrees and have a long-standing partnership that includes student and faculty mobility.

One of the three students is Charline Dion, who received her undergraduate degree in Marketing from CCU in the spring of 2017 and will soon receive her master degree in International Marketing from ESCE. This is what she wrote about her double degree experience.

How did you hear about the Double Degree program at Coastal Carolina University?
Charline: I saw the CCU double degree program on a list of ESCE’s partnerships.

Why did you decide to seek a double degree from CCU?
Charline: CCU was the best choice for my expectations: I was seeking to study one year abroad, especially in the United States, in a double degree program. Also, for my first year of master, I chose to study the international marketing, which was an available course at CCU.

How is CCU differ from your home university, ESCE?
Charline: It is very different on various levels. It was a lot of works in different classes from arts to science, which was really different from my school. At the ESCE, my classes are mainly business courses. However, at Coastal, I took classes like history, astronomy, and theatre as well. The teachers at Coastal are close to the students; for example, they reply to your mail in less than 24 hours. Also, the classes at CCU are smaller compared to ESCE.
The grades were mainly a continuous control, where at the ESCE, we have “Partiels”, at the end of each semester which represent 40% of our grade. Moreover, the exams were multiple choices or true/false, whereas at the ESCE there are mostly written exams. Coastal has a beautiful campus where students can live. However, even though the campus of ESCE is well-located close to the Eiffel Tower, I still live at my parents’ house in Paris.

What benefits did you get from doing the double degree?
Charline: From an academic perspective, I feel more comfortable communicating in English, I am sure of my master’s choice, which is International Marketing, and I have a bachelor degree. I am proud to be part of the honor society Beta Gamma Sigma. Also, I learned many American habits and their way of thinking.
From my personnel experience, I am more open-minded, confident, flexible and independent. The double degree was a challenge and for Gregory, Florian and I, but we succeeded.


Above: Charline Dion during her commencement ceremony at Coastal Carolina University