About CIDD


Mission of CIDD is for the university business schools to cooperate together to :

  • Promote international business education and research
  • Enhance student and teacher mobility
  • Be a link between business schools/universities and companies
  • Ensure quality through self regulation of standards, in particular, those concerned with double degree programmes


CIDD was created in 2000 by a group of higher education institutions as a non-profit organization in order to adopt and promote the Double Degree concept within the Business school community.

Double Degree Concept

A double-degree program is a specific study path established between two universities, usually located in two different countries, which allows a student to earn two official degrees upon completion of the program, as long as the specific requirements set for the program are met. Double-degree programs can be found at undergraduate, at postgraduate level, or can be articulated in such a way as to offer the opportunity to earn both an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree at the end of the study path.

Double degrees are considered to provide graduates with a competitive advantage on the labour market and to allow greater work mobility across countries, making it easier for employers to compare national qualitifications.

Career Centre :

In case you wish to advertise a new faculty position or to send out an invitation for a short-term teaching assignment within your institution, please feel free to send your proposal to mimi.maung@esce.fr so that your announcement be placed in the member zone career centre.

Contact us

President : Mrs Ludmila Sterbova


CIDD Board Members

President : Mrs Ludmila Sterbova

Vice President : Dr Anton Frantzke

Secretary General : Mrs Anna Lindhal

Treasurer : Mrs Karine Gautier

Task force leaders :

Honorary President : Mr Jean Meimon